The world's largest Smartphones manufacturer has unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S5 during the Mobile World Congress back in February and now as expected, the Samsung Galaxy S4 successor beats the sale record of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

According to the reports that arrives from the Korea, the Samsung Galaxy S5 have totally beaten the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch day sales by over 30 percent. The interesting thing is that in some European countries, the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S5 have become twice as compared to the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S5 surpasses the Galaxy S4 sales record

Many people are still in the waiting line outside the Samsung retail stores across the globe and the lucky ones have already gotten their Samsung Galaxy S5. We can say that this figure are very good for the Korean manufacturer because the company have launched the Samsung Galaxy S5 in 125 countries on Friday and the response is awesome from almost every country.

Well, Galaxy S5 is busy in acheiving more record numbers and now this could be the point of tense for other manufacturers like Sony and HTC because both companies have already their latest flagships in their hands, so we love to see how the Xperia Z2 and the HTC M8 will respond to the Samsung Galaxy S5.